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Me or Her? Twilight by Angel 20 8. There was no denying it. Even tho My View by smilingpolicy 22 0 2. This is my way of seeing twilight in edwards eyes without owning the midnight sun. This one night meant everything to them. Two teenagers madly in love. But no one ever said that it had to last forever.

A love story with a twist as gentle as a fist cle The Secret Relationship by Katie 14 0 1. Echos of Words by depressed daughter of sun 46 7. Few empty words, hollow in appearance but full of emotions and deep thoughts. Read if you want to relate or want to thought deeply. I want to hear you say it. The Gift Of Love by Soph 69 0 4. What if Katie Price never died? What if she got some sort of a happy ending? But what if it wasn't as happy as she thought, or at least not at first Midnight Sun by Rosemarybill93 2 0 2.

A 17 year old girl Katie Price has a life-Threatening Sensitive to the sunlight then she meets Charlie who she likes for years soon they started hanging out at night. Midnight Sun by TimeToDance 1 0 1. You see the sun? There will be no sunset tonight. Midnight Sun ft. But he just feels so unrealistic to me. I really don't care about him. The moment he meets Katie, is just.. So unreal. Jack Price: This is Katie's dad.

He's such a beautiful person. He's my favorite part of the book, no doubt. And Katie broke his heart. More then once.. And the end? I could cry for him. I just went to my mom to talk about this, how bad of a child Katie was.

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And my mom haven't even read the book, and also really hated Katie. Morgan: The best friend. She's a great friend. Also felt very sorry for her, Katie being so selfish all the time, and Morgan just has to deal with it. So yeah So the reason i read it, was because it's been turned into a movie, which you can see on the bigscreen now. I saw the trailer after i read the book, and i does looks like its follows the book.

Bella Thorne is in it, and she is great. So i do want to see the movie. As in alsmost perfectly close. But still, im not the a big fan of the story. Altho, the movie was kinda good. But the romance She is a realistic person.

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It's that typical girl, that thinks the world is all about her, and really only cares about herself without knowing she does. Have a great day, go eat ice cream. Apr 19, Cody Pavlick rated it really liked it. I loved this book so much I never cried so much for a book before. View 1 comment.

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View all 6 comments. I have to say, in the beginning, I thought this book was so childish. But the end changed everything. I can't wait to see the movie! And the cover is perfect for the story!

Is Midnight Sun not a movie? Yes, it is, but it is based on the book with the same name. But don't worry, up until a couple weeks ago I didn't know either. And as a good and model bookworm, I wanted to read the book before I watched the movie. Katie is not your everyday eighteen-year old teenager because she can't leave the house during the day.

Katie has a rare disease and can't be exposed to the sun because even the smallest am 3. Katie has a rare disease and can't be exposed to the sun because even the smallest amount can be deadly.

Then one night she meets Charlie on a deserted train platform, while she was singing and playing her guitar. Even though their first meeting goes everything but smooth, Katie and Charlie meet again. She even tells him about her disease - well at least she plans too. But before Katie does, she wants to enjoy being a normal teenager for once.

But reality catches up faster than expected.

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Midnight Sun is super cute and your typical YA novel: first love, summer, high school problems and a dramatic element that will question the young couple's love. This dramatic element is a disease called xeroderma pigmentosum or XP for short. It's a rare genetic disorder of DNA repair and can lead to amongst other things blistering, skin cancer and death by even the tiniest exposure to sunlight.

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  • It sounds morbid but it was interesting to read and learn about this kind of disease. However, I wished Trish Cook would have given even more info about the disease. Even though the story had this dramatic and sad element, I really enjoyed reading it. Katie was very fun, kind, and ambitious but also brave, self-confident, and admirable. I thought it was really great how she dealt with her disease, which was also thanks to her dad and her best friend.

    I was also really fond of Charlie who was charming, sweet, and loyal. He was the perfect boyfriend for Katie. Because now is all that matters.

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    Trish Cook had this fantastic idea about this girl with XP and a big dream, and then this boy with a past and his own dream, but I think that Trish Cook didn't use this idea to its full potential. The story as it is now left me a little hanging and it scratched only the surface in my opinion. I'm really excited to see the movie in a couple of weeks, though and I hope that Hollywood stood true to the book and didn't change too many things.

    Mar 31, Sara rated it really liked it Shelves: contemporary.

    Review: ‘Midnight Sun’ isn’t too bright

    Side note this reminded me of everything everything. In all honesty, I had a bit of a debate as to whether I was going to pick this book up or not. I was looking for a final book to complete an offer, and it was between this one and another. In the end, it was the mystery surrounding this book that won me over — there was potential, and I hoped it would live up to it. Being such a short read, Midnight Sun was something I was able to complete in no time at all. I picked it up, and not long after I was finished. For such a short read, there was quite a lot happen throughout.

    Although there were plenty of things throughout the story, I did not feel as though there was enough development.